Welcome to the bEarn.fi - bEarn.fi is vision of a whole suite of products & ecosystem running on Binance Smart-chain.


Roadmap for Year 2021

Roadmap for 2021 focuses on growing the bEarn.fi & bDollar Protocol ecosystem, and this includes more use cases for BFI, BDO, sBDO tokens. Note: The roadmap is subject to change over time to meet our developments.

Checklist Q1

  • ✅ UI Revamp

  • ✅ Integrated BEP20 (BUSD, BFI, BDO, sBDO for UpDown games)

  • ✅ More mini-games added

  • ✅ (Beta) 20+ Casino games (with BDO as a native chip)

  • ✅ Vaults with double/triple tokens reward


  • bLaunch

  • bPower

  • ✅ bLending

  • More Bridges (to other blockchain networks)

  • Orderbook DEX

  • Margin/Option DEX

  • Public API for BDO payment gateway

  • NFT Market


  • Cross-chain natively (via Polkadot)