Tokens in Ecosystem

List of All Tokens in bEarn's Ecosystem

BFI : (BFI) is a Governance token of whole ecosystem. Profits will be shared with BFI holders and stakers per block.

Token Address :
Farm at : 1. bStake - 2. bFarm -
Buy at :

sBFI :

A token that is a Proof of Stake that acts like a Receipt for that you have BFIs Staked in bStake.
Token Address :
Get sBFI by staking BFI at bStake - Link (cannot be bought)
Learn More - sBFI Document here -


A token that is used in governance, stake to earn bDEX profit, Lock to boost rewards from Liquidity Provided.
Token Address :
Farm BDEX (bDEX LP is needed to farm) -
Learn More - BDEX Documentation -

BDOv2 :

bDollar (BDO) is an algorithmic stablecoin running on Binance Smart-chain.

Token Address :
Buy BDOv2 at - Link
Learn More - BDO & bDollar Protocol Documentation - Link
*old BDOv1 Token Address : 0x190b589cf9fb8ddeabbfeae36a813ffb2a702454

sBDO :

a Token that is bDollar Shares & loosely represent the value of the bDollar Protocol and trust in its systemic ability to maintain BDO to peg.
Token Address :
Learn More - sBDO Documentation -


bDollar Bonds (bBDO) help to incentivize changes in BDO supply during both epoch expansion and contraction periods.
Token Address :
Buy bBDO (only Purchasable during BDO Contractions) -
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