A token that is used in governance, stake to earn bDEX profit, Lock to boost rewards from Liquidity Provided.
$BDEX token
Enables its holders to:
  • Participate in bDEX governance (ie: trading fee, treasury fund allocation, bLaunch project voting, etc…)
  • Stake to earn from bDEX profit;
  • And lock to boost rewards from liquidity provided
Key information:
$BDEX Tokenomics
$BDEX Tokenomics
Initial reward per block: 0.069 $BDEX/block
  • Distribution period: 80 weeks
  • During the first 90 days (~12 weeks), farmers will receive 25% reward in $BDEX + 75% reward in xBDEX as receipt, and 75% $BDEX will be unlocked and vested linearly in the next 12 weeks (from day 91 to day 180) by redeeming xBDEX
  • From week 25 (day 181 — no lock-up) farmers will receive 100% reward
Locked bDEX Token Address - xBDEX : 0x4cf73a6f72b8093b96264a794064372edb15508e
Note : If you are farming bDEX via autocompounding service, the locked bDEX farmed via will be tied to the, so, to get the locked bdex farmed through bvaults, you need to be actively in the during day 91-180 when bDEX is unlocked and linearly vested. also, the farming of the bDEX is shared depending of the people sharing the TVL, there is no special coding where the locked bdex will be specially distributed to you singularly.
$BDEX transaction fee
Since $BDEX is a deflationary token, there will be a small fee for every $BDEX transaction:
Transaction fee: 0.05%
  • 0.03% distributes to $BDEX #hodlers,
  • 0.01% to add liquidity automatically,
  • 0.01% will be burnt from the circulating supply forever which, will help to reduce $BDEX supply and make it more scarce
Initial liquidity pools (LP) to farm $BDEX
The first 24 hours:
From day 2:
  • BDO V2.0/BUSD (More information to be provided)
From day 3:
Weekly halving rate: 2.5% — this means that $BDEX emission rate will be reduced 2.5% every 7 days (~201,600 blocks)
$BDEX Emission rate
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