Introducing bEarn’s PolyVault!
Introducing PolyVaults by bEarn Finance
PolyVault — bEarn’s Vaults on Polygon
How will PolyVault work?
What makes PolyVault different?
Key Features:
PolyVault tokenomics
Token ticker: $PVI
Chain: Polygon
Max supply: 1,000,000 $PVI
IDO amount: 100,000 $PVI
  • Users can purchase $PVI with ETH, USDC, MATIC and, BNB (receive 40% immediately and 30% (each month) in the next two months
  • IDO price: $10 per $PVI
Provide liquidity and Reserve funds: 100,000 $PVI
  • 50% to provide liquidity and will be locked for 6 months
  • 25% to Operation fund
  • 25% to Reserve fund to buyback $PVI and burn
Emission rate: 800,000 $PVI to be minted in 2 years with details as follows:
  • Team: 15%
  • Marketing: 7.5%
  • Insurance: 2.5%
  • Reserve fund: 10%
  • Incentive: 65%
bEarn IDO
Another piece of #SUPA exciting news users can expect this month is that we will hold IDOs on both #BSC and #Polygon. The IDO on BSC will be held on bDEX.Fi, where users can buy the token PVI with BNB. We will introduce new features for IDOs held on Polygon so that users can also buy IDO tokens using ETH, USDC, MATIC and add LP on Quickswap, one of the biggest Automated Market Makers (AMM) on the Polygon network.
We will be sure to provide further details about the IDO process when it is closer to being ready for delivery. As usual, we are hard at work to move the ecosystem forward and bring the best opportunities to our awesome community! 💪
The integration with Polygon marks just one of the many goals we have moving forward in 2021 — significantly improving our cross-chain capabilities. Keep an eye out for more announcements as we add more new vaults, more boosts and integration to bring the magic 💫 of DeFi to our community!